Gouvernement californie

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The national governments have the power to make the law on all the subjects which are not granted(tuned) to the national government or are not denied in states in the constitution of the UnitedStates. These include the education, the right(law) of the family, the law of contract, and most of the crimes(murders). Unlike the national government, which has only these powers he granted(tuned) in theconstitution, a national government has inherent powers allowing him(her) to act unless limited by a supply of the state or the national constitution.
As the national government, the nationalgovernments have three branches: guiding, legislative, and legal. The senior executive of a state is his governor popularly elected, who holds typically the office(desk) in a limit of four years (althoughin some states the limit is of two years). Excepted(except) Nébraska, which has the legislature of a room(chamber) (known under the name of legislature unicameral), all the states have a bicaméralelegislature, with the superior house usually called the senate and the Chamber called the house of representatives, the Chamber of the delegates, Assembled or something fellow man.
In most of thestates, the senators serve limits of four years, and the members of the Chamber serve limits of two years.
The constitutions of the diverse states postpone in some details but follow generally a modelsimilar to that of the federal constitution, including a report(relationship) of the rights of the persons and the plan to organize the government. The constitutions of state are generally moredetailed(retailed), however.
I propose to study more carefully the example of California, in order to understand better how those states governments function.
During the elections of November 2nd, 2010, thedemocrat Jerry Brown was elected to succeed the republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in the head of the richest State and the most populated with the United States. This one took the functions(offices)...