Grammaire anglais

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Mary doesn't behave like an adult.
>It's high time she behaved like an adult.
Please, stop talking.
>I wish you stopped talking.
The man was sofriendly !
>You have no idea how friendly the man was.
People say Scottish castles are haunted.
>Scottish castles are said to be haunted.
I'm surePeter is living in tokyo now.
>Peter must be living in tokyo now.
Why didn't you tell her before ?
>You should have told her before.
We weresurprised when we heard they had left for italy.
>We didn't expect them to leave for italy.
This car is so expensive !
>What an expensive car !
It isthree years since i last saw her.
>I have not seen her for 3 years.
If you go to bed early, you sleep better.
>The earlier you go to bed, thebetter you sleep.

If i were you, i would tell him what to do
I'd rather you didn't go out tonight.
Why don't you leave straight away ?
If she hadbeen more helpful, i would have liked her more.
How about going to the pictures tonight ?
He was meant to repair his car himself.
It is the firsttime she has a dress made by tailor.
Didn't you notice anyone near the building when the bomb went off?
They had been walking for a long time when atlast they saw a sign-post.
I heard someone slam the door, and then there was silence.
he would have been punished if he hadn't done his homework.She's been playing the cello since she was twelve.
The student would have passed his exam if he had worked harder.
Our neighbour just bought a new car.