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RG grew out of the idea of Per Henrick Ling a Swedish who believed in movement expression. His idea was developed in the beginning of the 19th century.
RG is a sport in which individuals or teamsmanipulate one or two apparatus out of the five : rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. An apparatus is an equipment with a purpose. RG is a sport that combines element of ballet, gymnastics, dance andapparatus manipulation. Each event is performed on a floor mat measuring about 42 by 42 feet. The gymnasts must have many qualities as balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.
Rhythmicgymnastics was added as an Olympic sport in 1912, the first woman who earned the gold medal was Lori Fung from Canada. Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics has only female participants however some men do practice RGin a growing number especially in the US, Canada and Malaysia.
In a competition the winner is the participant who earns the most points during his routine, determined by judges, for leaps ( anartistic jump), balances, toss (a throw), flexibilities, apparatus handling, grace, execution and artistic effects. Rhythmic gymnastics has a top score of 20 points.
Different Apparatus:
Ball: The ballmust be in plastic or in rubber with a diameter between 18 and 20 cm and his weight must be at least 400 gr, it can be in any color. The ball is the only apparatus for which no grip is allowed. Thismeans that a more sensuous relationship between the body and the apparatus is required. The ball moves in perfect harmony with the body.
Hoop: The hoop must be in a rigid wood or plastic with adiameter between 80 and 90 cm and his weight must be at least 300gr, as the ball it can be in any color. The hoop requires frequent changes of the grip, and the main requirement is good movementcoordination.
Ribbon: The ribbon is made of a stick to grip it and the ribbon. The stick must be 60 cm long and made of wood or plastic. The ribbon must be in satin and be at least 6m long. The ribbon is...