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Students discuss a music sc: pair work


A) Introduction:
Dear fellow-pupils and teacher,
We have chosen anEnglish band called “The Noisettes” (Noisettes (occasionally written as NOISEttes to mark the difference in pronunciation from noisette - a cooking term meaninghazelnut) because it’s still an unknown band and that we both like this music and we just wanted to make you know it.
They met in high school where the band has beenformed in 2003, the singer is called Shingai Shoniwa, she is a young woman from Zimbabwe and she is also the bassist of the band. The guitarist is called Dan Smith andthe Drummer is Jamie Morrison. Their most famous song is “Don’t upset the rhythm”. Their second album is called “Wild young hearts” and this is the cd we aregoing to talk about.

B) General impression:
It’s an Indie-Rock and Soul-Pop kind of music
It’s the kind of song you can listen to when you are happy because ithas a good rhythm.
The lyrics are importants because it adds emotion in the song. In all the song, love song particularly, the lyrics are so important. It couldremember you your own past love story, heart your peelings .It could take any melody beautiful, and special, you can pass a message (ex in rap; politics, feelings,etc …)
The title is the name of a song in the cd like most of singer does.
the cover of “ Wild young hearts “ show us the singer of the group with stairs in aheart , practically all the song of the album are talking about love , so maybe it means that for going into her heart , you have to grows the hardly stairs of her love