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yoooooooooooo my man...im writting you on hotmail cuz im at school and my facebook fucks up but yea im glad to hear from you lgros. fuuuuck yeah im still newtching, andbomb ass shit these days dude...i got like a 7 of blueberry and a 2g something of jack for 70 bucks....kinda expensive but man the best shit ive smoked in a longtime...smoked that shit in like a week. so good dude. and i got a tre of jack for 30 after that batch from a dude in hudson(who we can call up), which i have now and its prettyfucking good, been burning fucking fives of captain blacks to my self for the last 2 nights fuuuuck dissss trop bon...so yeah definitly i can find you some shit...aupire, im gonna buy a big quantity and we can splitt it or wtv, cuz for sure im gonna buy a lot of ganj for the vacantion and i want it to be bomb ass shit. so let me know forthat, ur coming back the 17 so ill manage to get my shit a lil before then ya know.
and ya alex is hooooooot, but man i dont know what to...like i cant understand howa chick like this is chilling with me and what shes down with with me you know...wtv im going with it, dont give a fuck, but i know that i gotta watch out, you know shesone of those dangerous chicks that a lot of people know and just gotta stay sharp ya know, dont know how to explain but ill give you some news when you answer me.anyways brah i fucking cant wait till you get back honestly...just for some good old days chilling ak les boys and burning fucking remenising and shit... fucking vacations torelax and do naaaathing...hioly shit cant fucking wait
anyways holla back bro...im drinking at school doing some work...getting kinda schwammmmed blaow blaow love cegep