Henry ford

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Henry Ford was the first insdustrialist to use the standardization of goods for mass production. He created Fordism which consists in moving assembly lines, large factories, higher wages... Hewanted to make a car that every one could buy, and it worked. But finally what did Henry Ford that contributed to the Industrial Revolution ?

First we are going to talk about the product itself, Henry Ford began with various experiments principally on internal combustion engines in 1893. Three years later, in 1896, he created the quadricycle but that wasn't an innovation becausegasoline engines had already been created before. But in 1908, he made a real innovation : Model T, a car which was very simple, sturdy, without any factory options so it was cheaper than theother cars to be accessible to the most of people.
As we said, Henry Ford announced his goal in 1907 to create “a motor car for the great multitude”. In 1908 he produced the Model T for thefirst time, a simple car without any factory options. But the car was still too expansive for most people so he inspired himself looking others factories and he found some tricks to reduce the coastof the car : interchangeable parts, coutinous flow, division of labor and reducing wasted effort. That's how Ford created the first moving assembly line in 1913. The next year he increased hisemployed wages up to 5$ a day (before it was 2,5$) because he realized they were possible consumers. He won his crazy bett and in 1927, 15,000,000 cars were build.
Because of Henry Ford andhis Model T most people have been able to buy a car and it totally changed there way of life for his and the future generation. Because of him now a day almost every one has a car and no oneimagine this world without it. His “technic”, the fordism, is still use today that mean it was a good idea in is time and is still. This is how Henry Ford contributed to the Industrial Revolution.