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It was approximately midnight when they left the city , while King Mirado and his army searched them . They fight with a lot of soldiers and had difficulty to going out of the city . In the morning, they were very tired because they walked ten miles , so , they stopped . Dava had forced them to go by the ( plantes piquantes ou ortilles ) so , they were hurt on all of them body . They thoughtto arriving to the sea in three hours . When they arrived , they were ( attaqués ) by thirty people , and , beaucause they were tired , they loose , were overcome in Gala and imprisoned . They weretaken in the prisons of the palace that Mirado was wined ( gagné ) . The soldiers choosed to lock at firts Elléna and her sister because they afraid that when them brother wake up , they can’t stop it. But when Elléna’s brother wake up he could’nt move because he was stick on the wall and was in front of Darato . Darato chuckled and said : «  You’re not so happy when you can’t moved ! » and he hithim . Dava feel themself not good and Darato going out and say her to listen what will going to take place . Some minutes after , he listen the suffering of his sister . So , he will be furious , hebroke the chains , he kill the soldiers and he search his sister . He would do the suffering that he do of his sister . When he arrived to his sister’s cell , there were two soldiers and Darato withan arm in his hand . Darato let down the arm and going out . He say to his soldiers to kill Dava but he know that they could’nt do that . Dava kill the soldiers and he saved his sisters rather thanfollow Darato .

Chapitre 6 : L’exil

When they wake up , they were each in a cell . Dava was the first to wake up , than everybody woke up . Darato and ten soldiers came in front of the cellwhere the heros were imprisoned and said : «  The King Mirado can’t support you and he decided to exil you in him new kingdom and kill you where anyone can find you » and he left . After this , Dava...