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LYOTARD Mathilde


I created a board which shows you what makes me think America in the form of pasting.

Initially I put the town of New York, located atNorth-East of United States. It gathers today together characteristic criteria a world city; she's even regarded sometimes as “the capital of the world”. Me, magnet art, it's a city that I will likemuch visited by its beauty of the monuments.
In bond, I stuck Statue of Liberty. In more to be a very important monument of the town of New York, it became one of the symbols of the United Statesand represents in a more general way freedom and emancipation with respect to oppression.
Inevitably the American flag appears. Nicknamed Stars and Stripes. Emblem representing the United States intheir complexity,
the flag is perceived sometimes like a symbol of democracy and freedom guaranteed by the Constitution, sometimes by the opponents with the policy of the United States like a symbolof imperialism and militarism.
I put of the celebrity. Access actors of Twilight in bottom, behind New York City. I like much this history, a history rather strange love. On the left we have EdwardCullen (Robert Pattinson), in the medium Isabella Swan either Bella (Kristen Stewart) and on the right Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). I placed the flag forms of heart between Edward and Bella not bychance…
Parallel, I put the actors Harry Potter. A film that many people appreciate like Twillight. The saga Harry Potter is known in the whole world. On the other hand, this isn't American butEnglish. Then on the left we have Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliff), in the medium Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and on the right Hermione Granger (Emma Watson).
Obligatorily, Lady Gaga. A very known singer andsong writer and performer American. Lady Gaga is known for eccentricity in its videos clip, it's thus that she first artist to reach the billion visionnage on YouTube with three of its clips. I...