History of a french entreprenor

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“More than clothing, lifestyle ... Agnes b, clothing bias by a woman with a big heart”


Agnès b. is a brand of clothing and cosmetics launched by fashion designer Agnes Troublé. The "b."brand comes from Christian Bourgeois, the former husband of Agnes Troublé. Agnes Troublé has a fortune estimated at 65 million euros in 2009 (361st fortunes of France). It relies on a simpleconcept: everyone must grow into his clothes. The cuts are simple and elegant pieces such as "snap" of 1979 or cardigan jackets with snap are the best sellers of Agnes B.

Her beginnings:

Agnès Troublésaid Agnès b. was born in Versailles in 1941.
After studying at the School of Arts, she became fashion editor at ELLE magazine. Writing certainly on fashion, Agnes b no longer felt comfortable inthat environment and decided to make a career in fashion design. Then she was hired at Dorothy bis VdeV and Pierre d'Alby.

In 1973 it filed its own brand "agnès b.". It borrows from her first husband,the publisher Pierre Bourgeois, the initial of its name tacked onto its name.

In 1975, she opened with her second husband, his first shop. It is located on “Rue du Jour” in Paris, in a formerbutcher in the square of “Les Halles”. Before everyone she knew it was going to take the importance of fashion in this neighborhood.

The first shop is more like our modern concept store to store withinthe meaning of the word. It is a place of expression, a mixture of culture, discussion, opens to art and music. There are even birds flying free! .
The success of the designer allows him to openstores around the world. In 2006, the brand accounted for over 150 stores in Asia, quarantine in Europe (including 30 in France) and 6 in the United States.
The brand stores open around the world: NewYork's Soho district, Geneva, London, Berlin, Singapore, Miami, or Melbourne

The first models that she describes are mostly very timeless pieces like jackets Chinese gymnastic slippers or...