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Mrs. Labbé Hélène

Training Report
From 01/02/09 to 31/07/09 Prepared for Mrs. Ppacaloduca

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Here is the beginning of my training report. During your reading, you will discover one of thebeautiful hotels in Paris “Hotel Du Louvre”. My purpose is that the readers would visit this hotel such as the guests or the onlookers. I want to be born to the urge of curiosity. In order to achieve my objective, I will explain the hotel. In the first part, I will speak about the place “Paris”; it means its influence economic, touristic and politic. And, I will focus on the place of the Hotel duLouvre “the 1st district”. At the ending of the first part, you will understand that the hotel is located on a strategic place and it is one of the important advantages. In the second part, I will explain the establishment. I am going to describe the hotel at different levels, historic, the group “Concorde Hotel & Resorts” but the most important information in this part are the different services &facilities that the establishment offers. The third part of my report explains my role during my training. I will give details on my mission such as assistant sales. Furthermore, I am going to describe my enrichment during this period. I will speak on this point in the fourth part. I focus on two points professional and personal. Finally, in the last part, I decided to concentrate on special pointthe competitors of the hotel. It was one of the most important missions during my training report. Secondly, a hotel has to know these competitors to develop the best strategy. I hope that you will appreciate your reading; I tried to be active and dynamics throughout my training report. I added with my report sales leaflets, flyers, and emailing which I have done during my training report. Goodreading




In the first part, I would present the capital of France “Paris”. Secondly, I would focus on the place of the Hotel du Louvre. Geographical location: Paris

Paris is the capital of France, it situated in the river Seine and the northern France, at the heart of “Ile de France”. Paris has an evaluated population of 2 203 817 without the metropolitan area. Paris isthe most important city in France because of its influence economic, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and arts… Furthermore, Paris presents the most important business centre “ La Défense” where we can find all headquarters.

La Défense Paris is the most popular tourist destination in France with 45 million of visitors every year. We can identify different types of visitorssuch as business visitors, leisure visitors, and student visitors… Paris attracts a lot of visitors because of different reasons. The first reason is all famous museums, monuments, attractions, and institutions… The list is very significant. The second reason is the landscape of Paris. It is exceptional the river with boats, the architecture as Typical Haussmannian Building, the numerous of square,the two islands “Ile Saint Louis”, “Ile de La Cité”.


Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Arc de Triomphe

Location: Hotel Du Louvre “1st district” in Paris The Hotel du Louvre stands in the heart of old Paris & the first district. The address is place André Malraux 75001 Paris. Map

Hotel Du Louvre


The hotel is situated in the heart of old Paris. The first districtis the centre of business and fashion. Furthermore, Hotel is located near notorious monuments such as Louvre Museum, Comedie Française, Opera Garnier, Palais Royal, and Jardin des Tuileries… The tourists can find the sophisticated shops for example: Galerie Lafayette, Cartier, Dior, and Chanel…(place Vendôme)

Louvre Museum Place Vendôme The hotel du Louvre is the best located on Paris, it is...