How advertising is effective

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What make advertising effective ? Theoretical Report

Executive summary
I_ Adrvertising as communication
a/ Theory of communication
b/ Advertising as communication
c/ Effects onthe audience

II_ Target Audience
III_ Client / agency relationship


Advertising is a form of communication aiming to set the attention of a target(consumer, user…) and encourage them to adopt a desired behaviour (purchase something, elect somebody…)
In order to understand how the advertising is effective, we have to study How the communication work,how to target the good audience and How to manage the Clien / Agency relationship.


- Theories of communication :

There are several communication model. We will studytwo of the most important.
- Shannon and Weaver Model (Shannon, C. E. A Mathematical Theory of Communication The Bell System Technical Journal, Vol. 27, pp. 379-423, 623-656, July, October, 1948.)This model is called the mother of all models of communication.

Shannon and Weaver's Communication Model has five basic factors. The factors in this model are:
 The information source selectsa desired message
 The transmitter changes the message into a signal that is sent over the communication channel to the receiver.
 The receiver changes the transmitted signal back into a message,and interpreting this message.
 Then, this message is sent to the destination. The destination may be another receiver or the message may rest with the initial receiver, and the transmission isachieved.
 In the process of transmitting a message, certain information could be added or removed from the message. It is the noise. Factor of noise could be internal or external.

- Lasswell’smodel :
Lasswell was one of the first to study mass communication. According to him we could describe a communication action by answering the following questions: "Who says what to whom in what channel...