How to frame business management internal assessment research question?

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How to frame Business Management internal assessment research question?

Question Remarks
1 Why are XXX Cyber café’s profits declining? General and very broad question. It should bespecific.
2 What measures can XYZ bakery take to revitalize its profitability? Instead of what measures, candidate should have analysed the particular measure or method.
3 What measures can XXX ResidentialSchool take to arrest increasing teacher turnover to improve the academic performance of the students?
Good question. Should have improved by analyzing a particular measure. This question is veryspecific about the problem and expected result.
4 What type of diversification of operations at XXX Xerox would arrest its declining profits Candidate should have analysed the particular method ofdiversification
5 What measures can XXX Tailors take to improve its cash flow?
Candidate should have analysed the particular measure to improve the cash flow.
6 Should XXX Gems stop outsourcing ofmaking of gold ornaments in order to increase its profit margin Good question
7 How can XXX revitalize profitability through innovations and changes in its product portfolio? Good question
8 Howcan the employees of XXX be motivated in order to increase levels of customer satisfaction, sales and revitalize profitability Good question could have been framed better.

Question Remarks
1 Howcan XXX Company improve its labour productivity? Question is not specific
2 How can XXX Company improve industrial relations? Question is not specific
3 How can XXX Company reduce labour problems?Question is not specific
4 How can XXX Company reduce labour problems to increase its profitability? Better, could have been improved
5 Would solution to labour problems at XXX Company increase itsprofitability? Instead of saying solution, candidate should have mentioned specific solution to the labour problem.
6 Would non-monetary motivation methods reduce industrial relations problems to...