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Over 600 brand new practice questions with answers and detailed explanations 6 full-length realistic timed tests 20 mini-tests for the busy candidate who wants to fast track


Unbeatable preparation for success in the Graduate Management Admission Test ®

Mike Bryon






GMAT® questions are difficult to answer and they areeven more difficult to write! If you do find an error then the author should be grateful if you would notify him so that they can be removed at a future reprint. During your program of revision and review, if you hit a problem not covered here or if you would like suggestions of further sources of practice material then do please contact the author care of Kogan Page.

I dedicate this book toAnne Waters


Mike Bryon
London and Philadelphia



Unbeatable preparation for success in the ® Graduate Management Admission Test


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Preface Acknowledgments 1 2 3 What is the GMAT CAT®? Practice makes a big difference in GMAT® scores Warm up questions for the quantitative and verbal sub-tests Warm up questions for the quantitative sub-test Problem-solving questions Data sufficiency questions Warm up questions forthe verbal sub-test Sentence correction questions Reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions Twenty mini-tests to help you get off to a flying start Six timed practice sub-tests Sub-test 1: quantitative Sub-test 2: verbal Sub-test 3: quantitative Sub-test 4: verbal Sub-test 5: quantitative Sub-test 6: verbal Answers and explanations Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

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