Human possibilities

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Why have they resorted to in-vitro fertilization?

- One of them is not fertile
- One of them had a serious disease
- They want a perfect baby
- They have lots of money tospend
- They don’t manage to have a baby naturally
- They may want wins
- One of them is ugly and they don’t want to sleep together
- Maria has a lover, and she want the baby from her husband,and not from her lover

Make a complete description of their future child

- he will be dark-haired, a blue-eyed boy
- he will be fair skinned boy
- he will be right handed and taller than hisfather
- he will be healthy and fertile
- he will not be obese, nor short-righted
- he won’t become alcoholic nor drug-addicted

Aspects of gene manipulation denounced in the text

• ethicalaspect

 human life is jeopardized = it’s not natural
 parents can choose too many of their child’s features, they are “programmed” children, too perfect
 some things should be let to chance andnature, babies are not-robots
 it can go too far, and scientists may want to play God and create a perfect / superior race
 a kind of abortion, only pre-embryos survives

• economical aspect

it’s a business, a s everyone would like a perfect child. Only wealthy parents can afford clever children

- it makes science progress
- for people who can’t have children, it’s a greatopportunity
- it can eradicate genetic diseases
- people who felt really awful when they were teens can prevent their children from suffering as they did
- it can avoid psychological developmentproblems
- alcohol and cigarettes business will lose profits
- it can avoid lethal diseases
- it can enhance lifetime


- risks of being disappointed because of errors of manipulation
- peoplecould adopt a child instead of creating a baby
- gene manipulation is very expensive
- it’s not natural
- it can become a business
- there isn’t any surprise left
- all people will look alike,...
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