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Gilts : des obligations
A mockery : une moquerie
Stepping-stone : un tremplin
Merely : simplement
Bafflement : confusionTo be unwilling : être réticent
Inchoate : naissant, débutant
Mortgage bonds : obligations hypothécaires
A collapse : un écroulement
Ominous : de mauvaisaugures
All in all : l’un dans l’autre
To loan : prêter (argent)

Summary :

The nationalization of rock Northern which was announced will not be the end ofthe legend. This nationalization allows to continue as before the work of Northern Rock by reassuring 100 billions £ to try to prevent the English financialsystem as well as the other damages. “New” Labour protested by saying that there was a neglect in the English banking rules and a contradiction with what had saidGordon Brown against the protectionism.
Furthermore, the problem settles for all the ways of industry which were not helped by the government as was NorthernRock for its 6000 jobs. On this point, the Parliament remains silent for not disclosed the scandal and to bring to light the difference of treatment which tookplace between Northern Rock and the others. But, what was announced even if ca was to verify by the legal and finacial government "expert" ca is going to meet itselfin conflict with the rules of the European Commission unless a plan(shot) on returning to normal is very quickly announced. Furthermore, it would be necessaryto justify this decisions with the shareholders current of Rock Northern who can accuse the government of having them to fly by expropriating them of their good.
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