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I_ set the scene
Ernesto is a hurricane. At the beginning, on Thursday, August 24th, he was a tropical depression on the north ofthe South America. He became dangerous on Sunday, August 27th.

II_ develop
As he is touching the Florida he’s becoming very dangerous. No scientistshave ever seen a hurricane so strong before this one. He’s destroying every thing on his passage. The powerful wind is shipping the inhabitants of Florida.The Florida has been destroyed, only 100 inhabitants stay in life and the others are dead. Ernesto is moving to Georgia. Some inhabitants of Georgia arealready gone out but the rest are in their cave and they are thinking “the hurricane will not kill us because we are under the ground.” But Ernesto is inthe category 10 and every body thought that the hurricanes can’t upgrade the category 5. The inhabitants of Georgia are flying and crashing on the ground!Ernesto is destroying their houses, every body is dead. In the air we can see people, cars, animals and houses crashing with each other! Georgia is livingthe worse natural catastrophe! I think it’s impossible to assist at another catastrophe of this wing spread for 1000 years. Every body in the U.S.A areterrified because they don’t want to die because of Ernesto. Ernesto is carrying on his course to Carolina, so the inhabitants are running away to escapefrom this killer.

III_ Conclusion
We have to be careful because there are many surprises in store with hurricanes! Humans can’t anticipate Nature.