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Name of the hotel chain | Hyatt Hotels Corporation |
Turnover | 1.64 billion dollars |
Collaborators | 80,000 |
Headquarters | Chicago, Illinois, USA |
Website | |

The heirs of Jay Pritzker, who died in 1999 and who founded the company in 1957, are holding 85 Units.-------------------------------------------------
Two years ago, the Pritzker family sold 14% of its shares to investment companies, including Goldman Sachs and Madrone Capital Partners, for an amount of one billion dollars.
Hyatt is currently led by Mark S. Hoplamazian and chaired by Thomas Pritzker.
History and Development of Enterprise:-------------------------------------------------
Hyatt Hotels Corporation was founded in 1957 by Jay Pritzker. Observing a hotel adjacent to the airport and offered for sale by its owner, Hyatt von Dehn, he understands that there is a market promising future for upscale hotels located near airports. This will be the departure of a large real estate empire.-------------------------------------------------
In 1967, he opened the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, the first hotel in the world with an atrium. This style is become an essential architectural figure of Hyatt Hotels.
In 1969, Hyatt opened its first hotel overseas, Hong Kong.
In 1980, brands were introduced Grand Hyatt and Park Hyatt. Thesame year he opened the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa in Hawaii.
In December 2004, Hyatt Hotels Corporation announces the acquisition of AmeriSuites. The group renamed Hyatt Place and can compete with Marriott International and Hilton Hotel Corporation.
A year later, the group announcedthe acquisition of the Summerfield Suites brand.
Today, Hyatt has more than 413 facilities on the Hyatt brand and stands out with market success of the luxury hotel offering exceptional service and equipment upscale.

Markets and customers
Target | Characteristics, expectations |
* Luxury customers | * Attentive staff *Intimacy and personalized service * Pay close attention to detail |
* Business customers | * Relaxing * Simple but quality service * Custom Home * Possibility of holding meetings * Quick access to the business center of the city |
* Families | * Relaxing * Services for children * Discounts for families |

Portfolio of hotels and brands:
Brand |Features | Logo |
Hyatt Regency | Near airports and business centers. Infrastructure for conferences. Appreciated by business tourism. | |
Grand Hyatt | Presence in the world, especially Asia. Grand and spectacular. Innovation in the field of food and Spa centers. Appreciated by business tourism and leisure. | |
Park Hyatt | Elegance and luxury. Personalized service anddistinguished. | |
Andaz | Friendly service and simple. Thrilling and relaxing. Each facility reflects the culture of the region in which it is. Ideal for families and business people. | |
Hyatt Place | Near airport. Service 24/24 and 7 / 7. Ideal for business people and families. | |
Hyatt Summerfield Suites | Renting private apartments. Ideal for business travelers for long stays. ||
Hyatt Resorts | Sub-brands Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency. Holiday environment staff. | |
Hyatt Vacation Club | Rental apartments in holiday resorts. Possibility to rent his vacation home at Hyatt and obtain vouchers for other Hyatt hotels. | |
Hyatt Residence Club | Rental apartment for a long time. Possibility of housing a year. | |
Hyatt at Home Services...