Identification and analysis of the policies specified by government and organisations for the protection of consumers interests

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The Robert Gordon University
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Ethics and the Consumer Coursework |

Session: 2009/2010
Semester: 1
Module Number: BS3136
CW 1
Module Co-ord:Neil Connon
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20/11/2009 |

Ethic CW

In a world where globalization seems to be everywhere, emerge some notions as ethics, consumer policy, involving government and othersorganizations.
The aim of that is finally the well-being of people, more precisely, consumers.
The term “ethics” is used to define a system of moral principles and the process in which we know how to behave, to act, to react in society and with other people.
It defines also what is right or wrong to do in a specific situation for people sharing the same norms and values.
But it’s basicallymore complicated to identify the impact of ethics in our current marketplace.
Moreover, consumer policy has to been taken into account; it’s the way for consumer to be informed about what they buy, prevent sellers to sell anything at anything prices in bad conditions and so on…
Adam Smith, who was one of the first to affirm that people are selfish; he tried to understand how people could then havemoral feelings, moral actions, reactions and judgement with others and forget a moment their natural but human self-interest.
On a first hand, we will define ethics and consumer policy in the context of the contemporary service sector to try to have a clear understanding of these concepts.
Then, we will analyse the roles and effects of ethics on our modern society.
Finally, we will identifyand try to explain the roles and consequences of national and European governments.

Consumer policy and ethics.
The term ethic is closely linked with morality in fact; that’s a way of being, not a written law, something that your education, your friends, your own experience in life, your personality can modify a lot, throughout your life.
Business ethic, although it could be taken as o joke, isa way of react and act in situations, not obviously the difference between Good and Evil, but more right or wrong decision in a specific situation.
And ironically, in a current context of globalization and abuse any kind of multinational firms, the term ethics makes sense and consumers seem more inclined than before to apply it.
About consumption, we first had the Marxist theory which revealedthat people consumed from what they earn (their income), then the mass consumption appears with promotion and advertisement which was the main determinants of consumption.
But then, marketers have radically changed their way of promoting their products in the past few decades, in high consumption society.
Consumers want to buy more and more but now in an ethical view or seen as not too muchunethical at least.
That’s no more the accumulation of goods but more the status of the products that constitute the identity of the consumer.
That’s why the ways of production of a firm are now essential in the selling process.
Moreover the influence of the community could really break a company’s business; the group effect is very present in our society.
People are more involved with the mannerof production; the company Nike has been in trouble few years ago by doing worked children in order to lower its costs production.
That’s a bad effect of globalization; deviances are made in order to be more competitive.
But now if production conditions are bad, the Medias are in charged to let it know to everybody so most famous companies try to have an ethical view or code about business.There was a case with defective products, dangerous to health; toys from Asia in particular. These are matters which were very quickly divulged.
But some instances have been made to fight against this type of practices.
At a national level now, in UK, the BERR department for business, enterprise and regulatory reform exists to ensure that every UK people are treated fairly and with respect....