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iEDGE Reference Manual v1.0 iEDGE is a multi-functional Micro SD adapter for DSi, DS Lite and DS which allows you to play games, listen to MP3's, view images, read e-books and enjoy the vast collection of homebrew applications for NDS. You can also take advantage of the inbuilt cheat code functionality to enjoy more freedom with your favourite games. Features                 iEDGE comes blank and does not include any copyright software, making it 100% legal Fully updateable bootstrap via custom onboard CPU to combat future DSi firmware upgrades 100% game compatibility, supports clean ROM's - works on any OS Supports DSi firmware v1.4 Full NDS download play support, including problem games such as Mario Kart DS Automatic ROM protection patcher ActionReplay compatible cheat code engine, comes bundled with cheat codes for over 330 games! Uses MicroSD card, both FAT16 and FAT32 supported Save type is automatically detected, no need for a save type database Save directly to MicroSD rather than onboard flash User friendly, easily skinnable interface. Both touch screen and button operation supported Multi-lingual user interface Excellent homebrewcompatibility thanks to the DLDI auto-patcher Moonshell included to provide media playing functionality, soft-reset is supported PassMe function (boot from slot 2) - DS and DS Lite only Supports rumble and memory expansions - DS and DS Lite only Supports DSi / DS Lite / DS

WARNING REGARDING DSI FIRMWARE UPDATES The DSi has completely updateable firmware, meaning it is possible that in the futurea firmware update will be released which will block iEDGE along with all other competing products. For this reason it is vital that when a DSi firmware update is released, you DO NOT install this update until we, the EDGE Team, have verified that the firmware update is safe to install. Our website displays the most recent DSi firmware version supported by iEDGE – DO NOT install a DSi firmwareupdate more recent (i.e: a higher version number) than that which is listed. If such a firmware update is released in the future, a new iEDGE bootstrap will be released to combat the update. In this case you must install the new iEDGE bootstrap BEFORE installing the new DSi firmware update. Failure to do so may result in your iEDGE being blocked by the DSi; if this happens then you will need either aDS Lite or a DSi with older firmware to successfully update the bootstrap. Initial Setup In order to meet compliance with universal copyright laws, we have taken a completely legal approach for our iEDGE product. Competing products distribute flash content which contains illegally distributed partial ROM images (required for booting on DSi) which are needed as part of the bootstrap data. We havedesigned our product in such a way as the user may merge the required ROM data with the iEDGE bootstrap data in order to generate a file containing the required ROM data. In this way iEDGE can be legally distributed, meaning that customers and distributors will not face the risk of the product being seized at customs and border controls. This bootstrap file creation only has to be completed oncefor normal usage, or when the user must update to a new bootstrap version (for example, if an old bootstrap gets blocked by a future DSi firmware update). The documentation accompanying each bootstrap release will list the required ROM file.

Note that bootstrap data is different from the iEDGE OS. The bootstrap data is the content required to actually boot iEDGE, whereas the OS is the softwarewhich executes the user functionality of iEDGE such as ROM loading and media playback. The OS is stored on the MicroSD card and is trivially updated by simply copying the relevant files. The first time you use iEDGE, you must first install the bootstrap and then secondly copy the iEDGE OS files onto your MicroSD card. Once these two steps are completed, your iEDGE is ready to use. Bootstrap...