In cold blood

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Séance 1 : Cartoon, Newsweek, 1994

Etape 1 : Montrer les panneaux « whites only » seulement.
This document may be a drawing / a part of a drawing / a comic strip / cartoon. The rest of it ishidden, we can’t see the rest of it.
There is barbed wire on the wall, a war must be going on, there must be a war taking place in this place, the barbed wire is the symbol of oppression, politicaltension, it’s a worrying atmosphere / it’s scary, it’s spooky/ grim / gloomy.
We can see signs/boards on which are written the words “whites only” and “white area” with an arrow.
Some places must beforbidden/prohibited to black people
Black people aren’t allowed/entitled/welcome to enter certain areas
It’s banned !
What kind of society/government is that ?( This is segregation / discrimination /racism / this is called the policy of apartheid.

When did it take place and where ?
It must/may/might have taken place in the forties, or the fifties.
It must/may/might have taken place in theUSA or in South Africa during apartheid prononcer (T) !

Etape 2
The man must/may/might be a newspaper delivery man because he’s driving a van and he’s holding a paper which he is handing out/givingto somebody.
I’m not sure but I think that he could be a politician activist/volunteer working for an organization.
Can you see what’s on the paper ? What’s the link with the white sign only ? Whatcould be the referendum about ?
A referendum about apartheid must have been taken place in South Africa.
When did that happened ?
It was the end of Apartheid/ a referendum ended put an end toapartheid ended.
for the 1st time blacks and other racial groups were given the right to vote.

Etape 3 : Découverte du deuxième personnage
What is he like ? How does he look ?
He looks astonished/baffled/taken aback/surprised/stunned/disappointed/angry/cross/shocked
Who can it be ? What can he do ? what’s the link between him and the signs.
He may/might/must be a shop-assistant somebody who...