India, a land of contrasts

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India, a land of contrasts.

India is a huge land of 1.1 billion inhabitants; it represents 1/6 of the world population. Its capital city is New Delhi. Indians speak many languages like Hindi orEnglish and they practice different religions like Islam or Christianity but the major religion is Hinduism. India is situated in Asia but more precisely in the south of Asia. The different landscapesconstitute the reputation but also the tourist attraction of the country like mountains, jungles or deserts.

Despite the overpopulation, the poverty and the environmental problems, India is in aprocess of rapid economy but social problems still exist. The caste system is one of them. This system makes differences between the dalits and the other social classes. The dalits represent 1/3 of theIndian population and because of the caste system they live on the brink of destitute. The lower classes consider them impure and unworthy. Most of them have to find odd jobs like toilet cleaner orscavengers for example. That is why they turn away from Hinduism and also because they think that god made them dalits.

The caste system intervenes in marriages too. Because Indians could not imagineinter caste marriages. They had a conception that marriages are only possible in the same community and caste. However, with time, things changed and inter caste marriage became a part of thesociety. Marriages are now regarded as the best means to remove the barrier of caste system. A lot of Indians still use the dowry when their daughters get married. They ask for a sum of money that the groomhas to pay before the wedding. But there is a bad aspect in India which concerns daughters. A lot of women have an abortion when they expect a baby girl because they prefer boys. But although it hasbeen illegal, women still keep in mind that having a boy is better than having a girl.

But since the 80’s, the country has tried to overcome all these problems and to focus on the burgeoning...