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I) Presentation

-a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania
-capital city is Jakarta
-a population of around 238 million people,
-considered by the world like the fourth most populouscountry and has the world's largest population of Muslims.
a founding member of ASEAN
a member of the G-20 major economies.


-1 January 1800: became a dutchcolony
-August 17th, 1947 Soekarno and Hatta, proclaim the independence of Indonesia,

A largest country of Muslims
1)Terrorist activities

Most of different attack occured in indonesia canin part be attributed to Jemaah Islamiyah an Islamist terror group.

-Terrorism in Indonesia intensified in 2000 with the Jakarta Stock Exchange bombing
-The deadliest killed 202 people(including 164 international tourists) in the Bali resort town of Kuta in 2002.
-In 2003, the attack of the Mariott hotel of Jakarta makes 12 deaths and 150 casualties.
-In 2004, the attack of theembassy from Australia to Jakarta makes 9 victims
-July 17th, 2009, an bomb attack touches two hotels in Jakarta and makes at least 9 victims.

The fight of counterterrorism
MegawatiSoekarnoputri, decided to react:
Detachment 88 Formed after the 2002 Bali bombing, Why?: -Fight against terrorism
to prevent the expansion of terrorism

anti-terroristattacks: -September 2009 Noor din Mohammed Top, the Malaysian-born mastermind of a string of terrorist attacks in Indonesia and self-proclaimed haed of Al-Qaeda in Southaest Asia, was killed in a policeshoot-out in central Java

-February 2010 Police in Aceh raid the trainng camp of JI splinter group, more than 60 alleged militants were arrested

-March 9 2010, Dulmatin, a senior figure in themilitant group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and one of the most wanted terrorists in Southeast Asia was killed in a police raid in Pamulang,

For many muslim of indonesia poeple who distort Islam and use it...