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Why America spawns so many entrepreneurs?

“The willingness to adopt new products, new processes and new services more rapidly than consumers in other countries may be the most important of allenablers of entrepreneurship and innovation in America”

There are six major reasons why the American is more enterprising:

- The first reason is brought by the “American dream”, where you can startfrom scratch and build a business. The entrepreneurship is very supported by making available a lot of money and several easy credits. Moreover, in America the average consumer has more buying powerthan the consumers in other countries so it assures a certain guaranteed clientele. Also, the importance of a secondary market which is very famous in the US: eBay. It gives a sort of insurance in ofcase of a failed business project.

- Secondly, America's economic strength is based on innovation, and Americans understood that innovation is the key to growth and wealth. New technologies aremaking easier and adding values to the daily life. With all of that entrepreneurs see a big opportunity to develop a new business.

- In America, there is a strong independence feeling among thepopulation. The American society promotes individual differentiation; as a result, there can be a lot businesses build in various commercial sectors, they will automatically find a viable niche marketsomewhere.

- People in America are very mobile and not so attached to their own goods. When an entrepreneur realizes that the place in which he started his business is not what he expected he will nothesitate to move somewhere else, where he can lunch properly his project.

- Immigration in the US is a major source of population growth and among it there are also a lot of entrepreneurs. Thisgenerates also a lot of clientele.

- Finally, America has a very short history compared to the European countries. The consumers are not afraid of development and innovation, on the contrary they...