Information system

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Ford Motor company (160 millards de dollars sales)
The product :
* When they want
* The way they want
* Affordable price for customers

Share information inright time
Central market place everyone can come in with this solution
Taking ideas and making a new company
Single market place
Ford GM Chrysler (different competitors
Moving together in avery successful way
Freedom and make changes along the way
To be part of it or be left behind

* Structure : all competitors had the access to deal with different suppliers, to negotiateprices… (changes can be made all along the process) flexibility – adaptability
Manufacturers can explain their ideas with suppliers. Structure Horizontale

* Strategy : Single market place whereeveryone can exchange ideas, to gather informations for everyone.
Central market place everyone can come in with this solution
Make negotiation easier, get faster what you want

*Technologies : Internet – website within everybody can meet each other

* PEOPLE and roles :
Manufacturers : they submit their ideas to the suppliers
Suppliers : the suppliers said if they can ornot meet the needs of manufacturers

Vertical integration / Internal integration
Customers and suppliers are integrated to the process
To share a platform with customers and share a platformwith suppliers
We will try to meet customers’ needs
Integrate customers they can design their own product
RE-design the process.
BPR : Business Process Re-enginery
Ford même logique qu’E-baymais en B to B.

What are the challenges for L’Oreal ?
What can barriers we are talking about ?
Information system
Identify barriers, boundaries (limites) : Find information
Commonstrategy – Different brands that hard to get information
Masternet : share knowledge
Search precise information
Profile : test it on the internet
Community people : to be more efficient...