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This project deals with the most important ideas about HTTP servers and some tools (i.e. Data base or a good graphical interface) usually used with them. Besides, it considers the advantages and disadvantages of the implementation of a sales websitein a firm.

A HTTP is a program that implements HTTP protocol (HyperText Transfer Protocol). It is running continously on the computer while waiting for any user interacts with it through a web browser ( Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape...). Upon receiving a request, HTTP server replies through a HTML script where the website is coded. The code is interpreted by the browser and it isshown in the screen. HTML is a web language based in labels, easy to learn but tyring and inefficient in practice. However, there are some additional computer languages that help to create dynamic, interactive and intelligent websites such as PHP (based in C), Perl, Python, JSP (Java technology).

Apache ( is a HTTP open code and multiplatform web sever that can be usedin the most famous computer operating systems: Windows, Unix (GNU/Linux, BSD...), Machintosh.... It was created by Apache Software Foundation and initially based in the NCSA HTTPd code. It was and it still is one of the most used applications regarding HTTP servers, and it is highly appreciated among the users. Besides, it has several units which make optimun use of its resources, i.e, PHP.

Wealso should refer to database in this project. A database is a powerful tool where information can be stored, looked up or changed. This information can be arranged, for example, alphabetically. A database can store information about users who surf by the website or about the proper website.

In this project, MySQL will be the data base usually used. The greatest achievement of this databaselies in its opencode nature, the same as Apache. MySQL can be used in a low or medium level regarding data amount to look up. If we have to consult a lot of information, we should use more powerful tools. HTML cannot look up in a database, so we use a different computer language. In this situation we will use PHP.

In this introduction, we will refer to computer language program PHP in spite ofthe possibility to use another computer language. This computer language achieves to give the website dynamism and intelligence so that the user may interact with it beyond a simple reading or images visualization. However, it is a hard computer language to learn, but it offers a great power.


HTTP Server

Web pages as an information system

A web page can be defined as aninformation system. Web pages have the characteristic parts of a system, such as people, data and resources. These parts work together to achieve and get the objective of the entity.

There are many people who handle and use the web page. The task of the webmasters consists in adding content to the page and creating entries while they modify and erase data and make sure everything is right.Programmers, apart from creating the page, they have to add different modules and upgrade the scripts (to increase the efficiency). A very important task of the programmers consists of deleting the potential mistakes that can appear within the page code (bugs), so they can avoid vulnerability problems caused by hackers and the abnormal running of the web environment. Graphic designers create anattractive interface for the page which will be visualized by the future users. The last but not the least is the representative of the company, who controls that everything is being executed according to the company criteria.

Within a web page we can find a wide range of data, all of them very different. The resource code of the page (script) has many data about everything if we are using PHP....