Inside the gates foundation

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Inside the Gates Foundation

This article untitled "Inside the Gates Foundation" appeared in the Vocable, a quality press, n°600 from the 2nd to the 15th of September 2010.The headline which is written in bold letters reveals the subject of the article, so we know that it acquaints us with the Gates foundation and its way of functioning.

Thefirst paragraph contains the gist of the information : the foundation's goal is to help the 150 poorest families of the world by giving them food. They're also trying to liftthem out of extreme poverty by 2025. The Gates foundation is the world's biggest organization whith an endowment of 35 billion dollars which is used to help 36 countries. However,the foundation has already been criticised many times because some people think they show-off by saying everytime how their money is used and criticism has risen with thefoudation's influence. Although these critics, the Gates are trying to eradicate malaria, to curb new HIV infections and to reduce hunger and poverty in Africa. They also managed toreform the US education by boosting pupils and teachers. The Gates foundation is the only one who had such a big impact on education in more than 100 years.

The journalistaims at informing people about the Gates foundation's goals and making them react. He wants to make people aware about the foundation's practices. Although he doesn't clearlyexpress his point of view, we can understand that he's not on the foundation's side. Moreover, he puts forward more arguments against the foundation than in favour.

As far asI'm concerned, I think it's fantastic that people as rich as the Gates want to help poor families but I wonder if this is not a manipulation to give themselves a good image.
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