International human ressources management

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International Human Ressource Management

[pic]Allen D. Engle, Sr. 2004

Question 1

As said in the case, Alistair needs for the Trianon joint venture in Hungary a «Quality Compliance manager », for a three-year assignment. The information we have in the text is the following:
❖ The future manager should be in on the ground floor so to speak
❖ He or she will have to be familiarwith the joint-venture’s objectives and targets.

The major factors that should determine his choice will be:

❖ The ability of the person to adapt quickly to the country, to speak the local language, to transfer competence and knowledge, to act as an agent of socializing and direct control…
❖ The experience of the person in international jobs, assignments.
❖ The importance offamily concerns
❖ The technical ability
J.Dowling, Festing, D.Engle, Sr (2008). International Human Resource Management. 5th Edition, United Kingdom, Cengage Learning. P.119

“(…)There are family considerations that can cause a potential expatriate to decline the international assignment. Disruption to children’s education is an important consideration, and the selectedcandidate may reject the offered assignment on the grounds that a move at this particular stage in his or her child’s life is inappropriate”
J.Dowling, Festing, D.Engle, Sr (2008). International Human Resource Management. 5th Edition, United Kingdom, Cengage Learning. P.121

In the same way, the GMAC GRS survey (2005) cites “partner career concerns as the third most frequent reason for assignmentrefusal”

This point is important for the choice, and particularly for the third candidate. She is married and has three children, of 7, 9 and 13 years old.
She will face with the problem of her husband’s job, and with the education of the children.
It appears quite complicated for the whole family to move in Hungary. And it also appears difficult for this woman to leave her family for 3 years.If Alistair chooses her, the probability that she will accept doesn’t seem to be high.
If her family follows her, the different investments which must be done to make the assignment comfortable for this woman will be various: Husband and family support, education assistance costs, regular travel costs…
And if the family stays, she will face with negative health effects and stress factors due toabsences on family and home life. In such conditions, an early return is likely to occur.

Even though the fact that she worked during three years on the very technologies to be applied in the Hungarian joint venture project was very positive, I believe that family concern in her case will prevail upon the rest.

The second candidate has the advantage of being native from Hungary, and educatedthere. The fact that his family is well connected with national government officials is also interesting for Alistair, as explained in the case. However, his experience in Trianon company is only four years, he has just been promoted as a senior engineer. Therefore, I believe his background is not sufficient.

If I were Alistair, my choice will be the first candidate. The main reason is thatshe has experience in international assignments (two in Poland, and two in Czech Republic over the last three years). Furthermore, these assignments were successful.
Concerning family concern, it doesn’t appear as an issue: she has already done international assignments before, her child is in university and her husband is semi-retired.
Eventually, she has worked for Trianon for 13 years, so wecan suppose she is familiar with the joint-venture’s objectives and targets.

I truly believe that experience is the most important thing for the success of an expatriation. The first candidate is for me the safer.

Question 2

Using the case, we know that Trianon is an Anglo-French avionics firm, subcontractor for the Concorde, and subcontractor for major French and British aerospace...