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Internship presentation

1) Introduction
My internship took place in a surveyor’s office called CABINET POIGNON in Amiens.
Being the only office in the city, I pick up a work placementeasily because I am an inhabitant
of this city. It began at the end of May and finished at the beginning of July.
Before this period, I was arrested because I didn’t know what tasks thechartered surveyor, who is the boss, gave me.

2) The Internship

The boss wanted to consider me like an employee. The staff was welcoming and I discovered a pleasant environment. The firstweek, the chartered surveyor tested me to see my skills.
I worked the first time outdoors in GPS surveying and sketch design.

Then, he gave me an assignment: I had to design plans for aProperty developer, who wanted to build 109 accommodations.
I put my skills in CAD into practice and 3 weeks later, I produce the 12 plans.

The second assignment was a co-ownership modification.It was a short mission to test knowledge for the first assignment. It was the creation of duplex by flats fusions.

And the last assignment was an indoors survey in a school. The CityAuthority wanted to reorganize a part of school, by moving class rooms and school restaurant. We were two employees to survey classes but we worked alone.

3) Advantages and Drawbacks

Thetraining session was useful because, I was able to make tasks alone with sometimes aids from the staff and boss. I can work more quickly than in school. But I was disappointing because I spentmore time on CAD software than outdoors. Nevertheless I feel at ease on software.
4) Conclusion
To conclude I was satisfying for my internship. This internship allowed of thinking about mystudy project. I discussed with the chartered surveyor to know the possibility of studying after the HND (Higher National Diploma) and I want to continue in Bachelor’s Degree in surveying domain.