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A successful Interview
An interview serves as a platform for exchanging information between the applicant and the interviewer in the context of the position in hand.

Before the interview…≤     Find out all you can about the company and the job:
What do they do?
Who are their competitors?
What does the job involve?
≤     What skills do you have that would be ofinterest to the company?
≤     Keep a copy of your CV and re-read it before the interview.
≤     Think about and prepare for the questions that you may be asked.
≤      Prepare some questions toask the interviewer. 

On the day…

≤     First impressions count.  Dress appropriately so that you feel confident and comfortable.
≤     Make sure you know where you are going, andallow yourself plenty of time to get there.
≤     Get a feel for the company while you are waiting to be interviewed. (Read any literature that is available, chat to any other candidates).
≤    Remember the interview starts from the moment you arrive on the company premises – the receptionist/secretary may be asked what she thought of you.

At the interview…

≤     A firm, briefhandshake if proffered.  Avoid sweaty palms and a contest of strength!
≤     Sit up straight and look at the interviewer, speak clearly and don’t fidget.
≤     Be yourself – the interviewer wants tofind out about you!
≤     Take a copy of your CV along and use it as a memory jogger. 
≤     Be friendly, polite and enthusiastic!  You need to let the interviewer know that you really want thejob!
≤     Make sure you get all the points about your skills and what you can offer the company, across in the interview.
≤     Show interest and be positive.  Never offer negative information aboutyourself.
≤     Establish a two-way communication process.  Tag relevant questions on the end of answers to obtain a good conversational flow.  Avoid yes/no answers.  Don’t waffle.
≤     Think...