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Structured Trial Decisions – Intopia Preparation PHASE 1 The purpose of this phase of preparation is to expose you to the basic decision forms used in the INTOPIA simulation. Oftentimes during thegame, teams make little mistakes on the forms that can have disastrous results – e.g., other teams don’t receive inventory from you, prices aren’t recognized, money isn’t transferred. During thestructured trial phase, your team will make five (5) consecutive decisions. The actual decisions to be made are all listed on the following page. The first decision will be period 1, the second decision willbe period 2, and so on. I have formulated five sets of decisions that will expose you to the basic aspects of the INTOPIA simulation. As a team, make each decision and submit it to the DROPBOX on thewebsite. Wait until you get the results from the previous decision to send the next one. I will email the results to your email account (the hotmail one). I will also put the company output ofanother company (the base company) up on the website. These results should match your output exactly (assuming you made the right decisions). If they do not match, try and figure out why. The outputcontains all of the decisions forms, so you should compare the base company’s decisions with yours. If you still can’t figure it out, ask me. There are also a number of questions that appear for eachdecision. You don’t have to do these after each decision, but they would be a good idea to do once the structured trials are done. The next preparation phase begins shortly after the structured trials. Iwill post more information about that at a later date. If you are doing this simulation as a group, I don’t suggest that you assign the decisions to individual team members, because the whole team needsto learn how to do this.

Structured Trial Decisions Decision Decisions 1  Transfer $5,000,000 to each operating region from home office  Invest $1,000,000 in securities in each region and in...