Introducing the creole dress

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I suppose that every boby has already seen a traditional dress…?
This wonderful dress with its 7 to 10 meters of expensive fabric.
This warmedcolored dress with its petticoat, its cap and its heat-dress.
This beautiful dress that women wear for important occasions, like weeding or christening.
I think that all of you know a traditionaldress, but do you know its story?
So we are going to introduce you that dress story, because that dress reveals the social progress of West-Indian women from slavery to nowadays.

1. “The 3 holes dress”We are going back to the beginning of slavery.
At that time, slaves were nearly naked. They didn’t have many clothes on. It existed the master and disturbed their wifes. They weren’t happy at all,because the slaves were well-built, and had attractive body.
As a result, church and the master’s wives imposed on slave to wear the very first dress, called the “3 holes dress”. On the picture, youcan see that it was a simple long shirt. But, to make it more practice and nicer, slaves decided to tie it up on the hip. The black code laid fabric like cotton, and the slaves had 2 dresses per year.But you know…, Black women like to be pretty and elegant; so, they improved the 3 holes dress.
2. The Sunday’s dress
They had to go to church every Sunday. So to be different, they improve the“3 holes dress”.
They improved it thank to the money they won by selling the products from their garden; and they added a petticoat and a cap…
Through the time the Sunday’s dress became like this. It’snot bad, when we know that they didn’t have lots to do it, isn’t it…?

And you know what…!!!
The master’s wives noticed that the slaves were good at making dresses. And they didn’t want to do thelong and difficult travel to Europe. So they sent some slaves to learn how to make their dresses.
3. The emancipated people’s dress
That was great!!! Because when the first slaves had been...
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