Introducing a new product

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Introducing a new product

Tespri is risking million of dollars on the launch of an entirely new product. The baled , gold kiwifruit , the effort , tesprisays has been a great success , but with tespri, gold marketing up only 10% of total new Zealand kiwifruit, production , the company must be careful to continue to promote thetraditional hairy green variety, which has annual sales of new Zealand $ 500million .( us $224millio) . And is New Zealand’s single most important fruit export.
Paragraphe02In Japan tespri’s managers decided to emphasize the fruit’s health-giving. Energy enhancing quantities .the Varity is sweeter and more attractive to Asian tasterParagraphe03
The regional managers in Japan and Asia say “it is ideal of the Asian market, it is selling very well in Japan and is also being market in south Korea & Taiwan, theexport season, began slowly, because the traditional green fruit was usually small & difficult to sell , however sales picked up. When the gold fruit became availableParagraphe04
The successful launch of the gold fruit is expected to increase profits in the long term; the kiwifruit marketing board has retaired all marketing & selling rightsfor Europe and ever seas for the trade market variety, this will protect revenue as the gold variety is planted world wide

The board has already signed contracts with thefour largest kiwifruit cooperatives in Italy, & planting has legume .the area for planting is expected to grow steadily, eventually producing million of trays, as the regionalmanager for Europe say “it is an excellent product after 25 years selling traditional green kiwifruit, you don’t know how exciting it is to sell something different”