Introduction aux accident de travail

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1984 (Annex 1) amendments (MEPC.14(20)) 1985 (Annex II) amendments (MEPC.16(22)) (extensive amendments to Annex II in preparation for it’s implementation-pumping, piping, control, etc. (IBC and BCH Codes) 1985 (Protocol I) amendments (MEPC.21(22)) (Reporting Protocol)

7 January 1986 6 April 1987 Extensive amendments to AnnexI. Extensive amendments to Annex II.

6 April 1987

Amendments to provisions relating to reporting obligations. Addition of a new “Special Area”

1987 (Annex I) amendments (MEPC.29(25)) (designation of the Gulf of Aden as a special area) 1989 (Annex II) amendments (MEPC.34 (27)) (list of chemicals) 1989 (Annex V) amendments (MEPC.36(28)) (designation of the North Sea as a special area) 1990(Annexes I and V) amendments (MEPC.42(30)) (designation of the Antarctic area as a special area) 1991 (Annex I) amendments (MEPC.47(31)) (new regulation 26 (Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan) and other amendments) 1991 (Annex V) amendments (MEPC.48(31)) (designation of the Wider Caribbean area as a special area) 1992 (Annex I) amendments (MEPC.51(32)) (discharge criteria)

1 April 198913 October 1990 18 February 1991

Amendments to lists of chemicals in Annex II Addition of a new “Special Area”

17 March 1992

Addition of a new “Special Area”

4 April 1993

Various provisions. Requirements for Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan introduced. Addition of a new “Special Area”

4 April 1993

6 July 1993

Amendments to discharge provisions of Annex I. 15ppmdischarge limit introduced for machinery spaces. Addition of new provisions relating to double hull tankers.

1992 (Annex I) amendments (MEPC.52(32)) (oil tanker design)

6 July 1993

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1992 (Annex III) amendments (MEPC.58(33)) (Revision of Annex III to introduce the IMDG Code as a vehicle for its implementation

28 February 1994

Amendment to application provision of Annex III(note that Annex III did not enter into force in Australia until 1995, these amendments were included in original Commonwealth legislation). Amendments to various discharge provisions of Annex II. Addition of new regulations in Annexes I, II, III and V relating to port state control on operational requirements, i.e. ability to detain a ship if crew is not familiar with essential shipboard functions.Addition of new regulations relating to Garbage Management Plans, Garbage Record Books, and placards. Amendments to provisions relating to reporting obligations. Carriage requirements for chemicals Addition of new provision relating to intact stability.

1992 (Annex II) amendments (MEPC.57(33)) (list of chemicals and the designation of the Antarctic as a Special Area) 1994 (Annexes I, II, III &V) amendments (Conference resolutions 13) (Port State control on operational requirements)

1 July 1994

3 March 1996

1995 (Annex V) amendments (MEPC.65(37)) (guidelines for garbage management plans)

1 July 1997

1996 (Protocol I) amendments (MEPC.68(38)) (Reporting Protocol)

1 January 1998

1999 (BCH Code) amendments (MEPC.70(38)) 1997 (Annex I) amendments (MEPC.75(40))(designation of North West European waters as a special area; new regulation 25A) 1990 (Annexes I and II) amendments (MEPC.39(29)) (harmonized system of survey and certification) 1999 (Annexes I and II) amendments (MEPC.78(43)) (amendments to regulations 13G and 26 and IOPP Certificate of Annex I and addition of new regulation 16 to Annex II) 2000 (Annex III) amendments (MEPC.84(44)) (amendments to theappendix to Annex III) 2000 (Annex V) amendments (MEPC.89(45)) (amendments to regulations 1, 3, 5 and 9 and to the Record of Garbage Discharge) 1999 (BCH Code) amendments (MEPC.80(43))

1 July 1998 1 February 1999

3 February 2000

Amendments to provisions relating to survey and certification. Various provisions. New shipboard emergency plan for NLS.

1 January 2001

1 January 2002...