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Known for its strength in selling products (even expensive), also recognized the strong popularity of its brand, Apple has the multinational itself apart from other companies by unusual business strategy, an invincible sense of design, its investment in ecology and humanitarian but also by its corporate culture. Apple is clearly one of the companies in the world who knows how tomake better use of its logo. The firm at the apple is gaining in prestige and admiration.
- At the political level: stable organization located in 31 countries.
- At economic crisis of 2009 creates a dismissal of 50 employees in sales department.
- In sociocultural level: the iPod brings together people who form a kind of community.
- At the technological level: the release of new performanceproducts-level ecological threat of Greenpeace over recycling and polluting components used by Apple.
How the industry did Apple managed to penetrate the international market?
What Apple has acquired assets to maintain its market position?
Apple, a company called "classical " in its infancy Apple was a traditional business. Through the New Economy, it sees its economy in flux, and mustcontinually innovate in order to maintain a leadership position in its field. However, its traditional activities are those that have managed to build him his success, but what’s the key to this success? It still a secret of the world that many APPLE’s competitor seek to understand.

Part 1: Overview the position of APPLE in the world
1.1 History of APPLE
Apple Inc originated from the friendship andmutual interests of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Steve Wozniak - Woz was born in California in 1950. Steve Paul Jobs was born February 24 - 1955, he was adopted at birth by Paul and Clara Jobs.

On 1 April 1976, Woz, Jobs and Ron Wayne created the company Apple Inc in a garage..
Legend has it that the name "Apple" comes from the fact that Jobs and Wozniakwere still no name for their company on the day of filing the articles and they were so called because it was what they were eating. The name was chosen by Jobs for to him, the apple was a fruit flavor, strong and high nutritional value. Jobs wanted the company name begins with the letter 'A' so that it appears on the front page of the telephone book.

At that time, Steve Wozniakworked for Hewlett-Packard and Steve Jobs for Atari. It is amusing to note that Wozniak night comes to encode the Atari game "Breakout" in place of Jobs.
At the time Wozniak was able to create a computer, the Apple I, which has a keyboard and screen instead of switches (input) and diode (output) as the Altair, then became one of the biggest bestsellers of the year. Hewlett-Packard has refused tosell his find (the manufacturer does not see the benefit of marketing a computer for the general public), this machine could be marketed by both Steve.

A store, "Byte", while 50 units on order and decides to sell 666.66 million. This price should be $ 777 dollars (Jobs sees as the perfect number 7) but Wozniak found the machine too expensive.
This machine was extremely profitableand sold 200 copies. The store recovered 33% margin and 50% on the Apple original price!
The problem is that the Apple I was just a simple card (there was no box) and it was necessary to enter the 3000 characters in the Basic interpreter on every boot. The machine therefore received a cassette player, quite expensive (75 dollars) to instruct the Basic. Regarding housing, the magazine "Byte" askeda carpenter to make wooden.
At this point, Apple to do anything to succeed: Woz, genius programmer. Jobs, visionary and charismatic Markkula, good financier.
Quick succession imagined: it is the Apple II. The brief was simple: make the game "Breakout" working on it! This means the management of color, sound, and the addition of video memory. Again, this time, the case would be plastic....