Is james bond british?

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Is James Bond a true British?

On her Majesty's secret service... James Bond is daily operating for Queen and Country, regularly fighting to shine forth all over the world. His job is deeply linkedto patriotism. But is James Bond a true British? Based on an article written by Adam Roberts, « An Englishman's word is his Bond: is Bond English? », we will stress the fact that James Bond isdepicted as the perfect British. Nonetheless, we will try to qualify this statement.

1. When we study Fleming's books, it is obvious that James Bond is depicted as the British stereotype. Adam Robertsgives in his article five reasons why it can be argued that James Bond is a true British.
First, he kills people for a living. Adam Roberts underlines that « one thing Englishmen have proventhemselves rather talented is killing people ». Traditionally British people have the reputation to be good at the art of war. Being a spy is a part of this art. British spies were famous during the XVI th,XVII th, and XVIII th centuries, in particular in France, at a time when Britain was the traditional French Nemesis. British are well-known for being brilliant at disguising appearances and fakingidentities. James Bond is a excellent example of that skill.

Secondly, James Bond has a great deal with women. Roberts stresses that « Englishmen renowned the world over for their sexualpromiscuity ». James Bond is always in company of beautiful girls. Many opening scenes show James Bond in the arms of a sexy lady (consider From Russia with Love or You Only Live Twice).

Thirdly, ames Bond isextremely handsome and well-dressed. According to Adam Roberts, British people take care of their appearance. They always look good. Their outfit is immaculate, appropriate on evry occasion. Few willdispute the claim that James Bond is very elegant, especially when his wears his dinner jacket. At all times he is dressed up.

Fourthly, James Bond never loses his cool. « Sangfroid, that's an...