Fachbereich 05 • Geschichte

Seminar: Britain since 1945
Term: WS 2009
Instructor: PD Dr. Daniel Gossel

“Is theMulticulturalism of Great Britain becoming a problem?”

Name: Kaies Boukhris

Address: Altmüllerstr 24, 34117 Kassel

Subject: Berufsbezogene Mehrsprachigkeit /Austausch Nizza-Kassel

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Date: 08.06.2010

Table of contentsIntroduction

I)Ethnic minorities: origins and living conditions in Great Britain's society

- A brief historical approach and origins.
- The ethnicminorities living conditions.

II) Ethnic-minorities target of Racism and a general splitting of the social cohesion through recent events.-« Multiculturalism » now seen differently.
-Britain's social split.III) Consequences in Britain's modern society.

- An early response to immigration.- The Government's actions.



The concept of multiculturalism can be connected to the development of immigration in thecase of Great Britain.
Actually multiculturalism can be defined as on one hand, the ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic etc... diversity in a society,on the other hand it often refers nowadays to words and images of “racism”, “discrimination”, “integration”, “ethnic minorities” and even “terrorism” and [à continuer]

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