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Jah Cure
Siccature Alcock was born on 11 October 1978 in Montego Bay in Jamaica, he is a Jamaican reggae singer, who lived in Kingston. He was given the name Jah Cure by Capleton whom hemet while growing up in Kingston.

His first big break came in March 1997 when he released the single "King in this Jungle" which was a song with Sizzla. The single was produced byBeres Hammond who went on to become his mentor. He then released a steady stream of singles that won him critical and popular acclaim.

In November 1998, while driving around Montego Bay,Cure was pulled over by the police and arrested on charges of gun possession, robbery and rape. He was prosecuted before the Gun Court in April 1999, found guilty and sentenced to 15 yearsin prison. Since the arrest, Cure has firmly maintained his innocence.

While in prison he had access to recording equipment and released three albums and a number of singles, some ofwhich have topped the Jamaican chart. His first album Free Jah's Cure The Album the Truth was released in 2000, it was followed by Ghetto Life in 2003 and Freedom Blues in 2005. Morerecently Cure has released the songs "Love Is", "Longing For" and "True Reflections", showing his unique voice and lyrical ability.

He was released from jail on parole on 28 July 2007, afterserving 8 years of the sentence. Three days later, his fourth album, True Reflections...A New Beginning was released.
His first concert after he was released took place at the ReggaeSundance in August 2007. He was the last and headlining act.

He is now signed to SoBe Entertainment/Danger Zone Music Group.
"The Universal Cure" was released in the US on April 14 2009.The album features "Hot Long Time" (featuring Junior Reid, Flo Rida, and Mavado.) as well as "Mr. Jailer" and "Journey". The album is the first recorded album since his release from prison.