Job specification and job competency

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Chief Financial Officer
The Chief Financial Officer is the top financial position in any organization. His or her role is to carry out the following tasks:
✓ Is Oversees all company accounting practices, including accounting departments, preparing budgets, financial reports, taxes and audit functions.
✓ Directsfinancial strategy, planning and forecasts; conferring with president, VP of sales and department heads.
✓ Supervises investment and raising of funds for business.
✓ Organization, Recruitment and Developpement of his staff
✓ Actual Result and Cost Management
✓ Forecasting, Budgeting and planning processes.
The Job Position
➢ You are responsible for all financial management and control/compliance activities of the operation.
➢ You will deliver timely actual results, forecasts, annual budgets and strategic plans.
➢ You will ensure optimal financing, tax planning and compliance.
➢ You are responsible for operational excellence and cost management in your organization.
➢ Responsible for the full range of supervisory activities including selection, training, evaluation,counseling, and recommendation for dismissal.

The Job Qualifications
A Chief Financial Officer requires extensive experience. Typical qualifications for CFO roles include:
- A minimum of 8, preferrably 10, years experience in a senior role
- Masters degree in Accounting, Finance or Business
- Up to date knowledge of current financial and accounting computer applications.
- A strong Leadershipand Conceptual Skills abilities
- Knowledge, Skills and Abilities :
He or She must possess required knowledge skills,abilities and experience and be able to explain and demonstrate with or without reasonnable accomodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed :
- Knowledge of modern management principles and practices.
- Knowledge of financial accounting, reporting,management, and financial forecasting methods.
- Knowledge of supervisory and managerial techniques and principles.
- Knowledge of budgeting methods and systems.
- Skill in coordinating various functions.
- Skill in managing the activities of personnel engaged in unit functions.
- Skill in developing and implementing plans to achieve set goals and objectives.
-Skill in establishing andmaintaining effective working relationships with the Director, Managers, and Chief Financial Officer, other Department Directors, other employees and the general public.
- Skill in handling conflict and uncertain situations.
- Skill in collecting, analyzing and interpreting applicable research data.
- Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
- Ability to work with andcoordinate between multiple agency and governmental structures.
-Ability to develop, implement and administer goals, objectives and procedures for providing effective and efficient services for the company.

Main Competencies
■ A minimum of 8, preferrably 10, years experience in a senior role:
he has to handle a staff, and then he must be able to have the qualifications necessary to do thejob: integrity, taking responsibility, manage etc……
■ Masters degree in Accounting, Finance or Business: he must have considerable knowledge of modern principles and best practices of budget and investment management, financial planning systems, and accounting principles and practices
■ A Conceptual Skills : Which allows him or her to create a long term vision for the organisation ,think strategically, set goals, help others support organizational change, be decisive and achieve goals.
■ Leadership Skills :, is important at least very important ; the ability to interact with people, identify barriers to listening, write effectively, reduce barriers to effective communication.
■ Communications Skills : If a manager is able to communicate their ideas clearly, so that...