John fitzgerald kennedy

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in 1917 on the 29th of May. He grew up among the nine children of his very rich family. He benefited from his Irish origins to see the United States with a completelyoriginal eye. First of all, he settled there in 1936 as a Harvard student and successfully graduated four years later. Then, he chose to enter the political world quite influenced by his father,America’s Ambassador in London. In 1953, he married Jaqueline Lee Bouvier and they are already seen as a young and modern couple. Moreover, Kennedy has also been recognized for his culture since he wonthe Pulitzer price for his book “Profiles in Courage” where he describes the several faces of these politicians who dare to claim their opinions. On the third of November, in 1960, he finally became thefirst catholic president of the USA after being a senator of Massachusetts. Since then, he had to face the different issues due to the Cold War. He always did but in the non-violence way, preferringdialogue than unclenching the war. For example, when he found out that there were missiles in Cuba, he decided to encircle the island and asked Khrouchtchev to remove them. He was also able to takeresponsibility for his country when the CIA sent few people to overthrow Fidel Castro’s regime. He was aware of the importance of boosting the Space program and so he sent a man to be the first countryto land on the Moon in 1969. He fought against segregation too. Every time Martin Luther King had issues, he was there to support his cause and even to take him out of jail. Once, he encouraged astudent to be the first black one to study in a white university in Mississippi and he actually sent men to protect him. However, he always tried to make things go better. In fact, he wanted to build acommon Space program based on cooperation with the URSS. On the 26th of June in 1963 he claimed “Ich bin ein Berliner !” and so he showed the support his whole country was giving to West Germany. But...