Johnathan livingston seagull

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Part 1
The story starts on a sunny day, a cloud of seagulls flying around a fishing boat. But far out theirs is one seagull on his own, it’s Jonathan Livingston. He ispracticing his flying skills, because that’s what he loves best. Other gulls use their wings just to eat, but Jonathan loves flying and is therefore rejected by his group. He tries to spend a few dayslike a normal gull to please his parents, but he quickly wants to continue learning skills.
Picking up speed up to 100 km/h, he looses control of his wings and crashes in the water. He tries again,reaches 150 km/h but he crashed in the water again and was put out for a while. At night while he was floating on the water, he was angry with himself because of this failure. Suddenly, he heard hisconscience telling him to stop this training and return as a normal gull like his father told him. He has to return on the coast, because gulls don’t fly at night since they don’t have the owl’s eyesand they don’t dive because they don’t have the wings of a hawk. This sentence tinted in Jonathan’s head, who flew up in the sky at 600 meters and dived down with his wings tight so they were shorter.He got to 200 km/h! He started again, up to 1700 meters and reached 300 km/h. Jonathan loved speed, he felt so happy! This speed lead to a new life for him, he was the fastest gull of the group! Afterthat, he joined the group. From that moment Jonathan thought he could be more than a gull, he could reach for excellence and intelligence, he was free.
The older gulls were joining up. Jonathantaught they were going to make him leader of the group, but he didn’t want these honors. But to Jonathan’s surprise, they called him a cheater because he didn’t respect the gull’s traditions. Jonathantried to tell them what he learned, but they just outcasted him. So Jonathan left, thinking to himself that they were the ones loosing something, because he had learned to fly. Suddenly, two gulls...