Johnny depp

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On 21 Jump Street: "To be honest, I took Jump Street because I thought it would only last a year. I liked the pilot, and I wanted to work with Frederic Forrest [who was in the original cast], so Isaid yes." ~Rolling Stone, 1998
Johnny Depp
On the surprise success of Pirates of the Caribbean: "Totally shocking. Listen, it's been a relatively long haul for me. I've been around quite a while. Anda great number of the movies I've been involved with weren't necessarily embraced by the Hollywood community. It was normal to me that a movie would come out in a few theaters and 18 people would seeit. That was okay for me. So I had no expectation whatsoever." ~Entertainment Weekly, 2006
Johnny Depp
On the origins of his personal style: "At thirteen I was wearing plain T-shirts. Then I usedto steal my mom's clothing. She had all these crushed-velvet shirts with French-cut sleeves. And, like, seersucker bell-bottoms." ~Interview, 1990
Johnny Depp
On the "Winona Forever" tattoo on hisupper right arm (dedicated to his girlfriend at the time, Winona Ryder): "I think of my tattoos like a journal ... To have it removed, or erase it, is to try and say it never happened. If I alter it insome way, make it funny--put her next boyfriend's name on top of it, say--it would still be honest." ~GQ, 1993
Johnny Depp
On staying grounded in Hollywood: "Somehow it all leads back to family a town like this, you become on some level a commodity. But when you get back to your family, all that goes away. You're Johnny again. At a certain point I wasn't Johnny Depp anymore. I'd become'Johnny Depp.'" ~Vanity Fair, 1997
Johnny Depp
On his biggest stage-fright moment: "My biggest stage-fright moment is anything where you have to go and talk in front of people. Doing the work on set,that's fine. But an appearance, anything where there are a lot of people, especially if you have to say something. Even just standing there I feel like an idiot." ~Vanity Fair, 2009
Johnny Depp