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This article, entitled “Flesh of your flesh”, was written by Elizabeth Kolbert and published in November 2009 on The New Yorker website on the occasion of the publication of Jonathan Safran Foer’slast book Eating animals. The controversial essay brought out only one month ago in France.
The young american novelist (34 years old) is already known for two previous novels. The first novel isentitled Everything is illuminated. It’s about a young jewish who goes in Ukrania to track down the person that rescued his grand-father. The second novel wrote by Jonathan Safran Foer is called Extremelyloud and incredible close. It tells the story of a little boy the father disappeared during the September 11 attacks. Eating animals is a first work of non-fiction, combining a personal narrative andan inquiry in the field. It ask several ethical questions, such as shall we continue eating meat or is this use morally legitimate, or how do we treat the animals we eat ?
The first two parts ofthat article explain the social and economical situation which allow us to better understand the paradoxical question asked in the beginning of the third part : why do Americans are so concerned byanimals their keep at home and, in the same time, why do they feel so indifferent about those they eat ?
The journalist points out that this lack of logicality
where it might cause offence, arousepassion and polemical in the world.
JSF doesn’t want to spark off an agressive debate “for or against” eating animal. According to him, people who have sense of values ought to stop being hypocriticaland being unaware of the existence of cruelty to animals in factory farming. He intends to point out a system which produce the highest output at the lowest cost. However, he explains that healthyanimals raised in proper conditions are not profitable anymore and moreover inadequate to feed the whole world. Thus, he seems to imply that the only alternative is being vegetarian.

To conclude, I...