Jules ferry

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Jules ferry: speech Before the french chamber of deputies (28 july 1885)

1) This text is an extract from the Jules ferry's speech the july, 28th 1885. Jules Ferry (1832-1893) was a lawyer,journalist and french politician . Became minister of State(public) education between 1879 to 1883, he created obligatory, free and laic primary school education. When he was President of the Council from1880 to 1881 and 1883 to 1885,and then, he was at the head of the foreign affairs: at this time, the french army was on the anti-german affair, but he pushed soldiers on the colonial conquests. Thedefeat of Lang-Sound (Tonkin, Indo-China, March 28, 1885) broke his career: he was overthrown after by this colonial policy adversaries(competitors).
On July 28, 1885, Jules Ferry made in front of theFrench deputies a speech, whose document gathers several extracts. Jules Ferry was President of the Council at this moment. Responsible for the foreign affairs since 1883, he involved France in apolicy of colonial conquests. In 1885 the Berlin Congress was organized to decide of the African division between the principal(great) European powers. A few months after the Lang-Sound defeat, inIndo-China (March 28, 1885), which enlarged the camp of his colonial policy adversaries, then, Ferry spoke to the Parliament with an aim of convincing the deputies of the need to continue colonial expansion.2)To convince deputies, Ferry evocted and argued his 3 main reasons for the colonial expansion;

The first argument used by the speekee was on the economic order. When he said" as seen frompespective of a need... lack more and more are outlets" , he evoked the power of French industry, due to the " industrial revolution or industrialized population(like he said)" : the iron and steelindustry, the textile, produced more and more and the logic of the capitalist system is to widen the consumption market to increase the profits(benefit). However, in Europe, French industry fought...