Junk food

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Our health depends on what we eat daily.
Without adequate nutrition, we cannot expect ourselves to be healthy.
Too much saturated fat in the diet willcause people to put on weight and get fat or obese (very fat). Being overweight is a risk to the health of the heart and can cause other diseases.
So peopleare getting more salt than they need when they eat junk food. Too much salt is unhealthy for the heart. But this food is not good, she can provoke, cardiacdiseases, high blood pressure arterial, cancers, diabetes, a phenomen on of obesity, disorders of vesicles biliary, a depression.
too much sugar makes peoplefat, rots the teeth, is bad for the blood and may cause other diseases.
The junk food is bad for the health, because she(it) is unbalanced and difficult todigest.
The fast food is a lifestyle today: that of pressing people who do not want to lose of time to cook.
Junk food does have some of the good thingsthat the body needs for good health. And the body needs some salt, fat and sugar for energy to burn while we work and play. However too much fat, sugar and saltis bad for our health and eating lots of junk food will overload your body with these things
People should look for foods that are low in fats and salt andsugar. Junk food is really awful, is unhealthy and damaging.
For the ateintes persons of this junk food, it needs to decrease fats, to increase food richin starch and in fibersto practise a daily physical activity. They should eat more fruit and vegetales if they wants to lose weight and be in better health.