Junk food

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  • Publié le : 3 novembre 2009
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Fast food restaurants are opened all over the world. This extraordinary success can be explain by many reasons !
First, they are low-cost : that’s the mostattractive of their characteristics. Everybody can order some warm meat, even people of modest means or teenagers, who are besides the main costumers of theserestaurants. They are for most part fond of the proposed food. Hamburgers, chips … They enjoy themselves ! Furthermore, the speed of the service is an advantage, becausea lot of people are in a hurry during lunchtime, as they don’t have a lot of time to eat. Finally, fast food restaurants allow friends to easily improvise a mealin order to get together, and thus they have a convivial and festive atmosphere.
However, I’m for my part against fast food. Mc Donald’s advertisements pretendto propose healthy food, while everybody knows that it is false. Food is fatty, very calorie and makes people get fat if it’s regularly consumed. Fast food caneven cause the obesity. Furthermore, the origin of the meat is mysterious : from what part of the chicken come Chicken Nuggets ?? I can't help thinking that it'ssickening. And it smells bad : the smell of chips is everywhere ! Moreover, the fast food restaurants are the symbol of the globalization, of the loss of culturalidentity. Everybody eats the same food. There’s a lack of diversity : it’s terrible to think that all around the world people eat same Big Mac as you, isn’t it ?To conclude, I admit fast food restaurants present some advantages, but I can’t bear them because their food is unhealthy and facilitate cultural hegemony.