Just living the nightmare

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Just living the nightmare

I opened my eyes, everything was dark, I got up carefully. I was in the woods, at least I think I was. There was nothing but trees. I didn’t understand what was happening. I heard a noise, it was coming closer every time, the sound of boots crashing the branches. I escaped in the opposite direction. My heart kept beating faster every time. I stopped and hide behindsome bushes. I saw this “thing” pass. I waited for a few seconds then when it was safe I came out. My arm rubbed a branch. I was bleeding, but none of that mattered, this “thing” that was chasing me had lost my track, at least I think it was lost. So I tried to figure out what the hell was happening, first of all I magically appear in the woods and in second place there’s somebody trying to catch mefor no reason at all. So I walked and walked thinking over and over and I didn’t find the solution. I looked around… I was at the exactly same place. I freaked out, it couldn’t be, I was walking for over 2 hours trying to get out of the woods and still I returned to the same place?!? Something wasn’t right. I blinked and in the time that I opened my eyes I was in my house. Everything was dark,just like before. I ran upstairs to see my parents. I entered the room, there was blood all over the place, my legs were shaking. I came closer to the bed. The bodies of my dead parents were there, I came closer to my mother’s face, and before I could do something I heard a voice call my name. I was about to turn around when a high-pitched sound broke into my ears. I woke up, the alarm was goingcrazy. It was a nightmare, but I felt it so realistic. I felt every sensation, the fear, the pain, in one word: everything. I was sweating. My mother came into my room.
* “Honey, it’s time to get up”
I didn’t say a word, I was staring at the wall. She came in and touched my arm and shook it.
* “Honey is everything all right?”
* “Yes mom, I’m sorry I had a bad dream that’s it”
She wasabout to leave when I turned my head and saw an injury in my left arm. I said really scared:
* “Mom, can you bring me something to disinfect this thing?”
She looked at me in the strangest way and said:
* “What for honey?”
* “To heal this injury mom”
* “I can’t see anything” -She said.
I saw my arm again to prove her I was right, and there wasn’t anything. Not even a scratch. So Iadded:
* “Sorry mom, I must seen wrong. I’m really tired you know”
She smiled and left the room. I jumped out of my bed and went to the bathroom. I saw my arm in the mirror and so as she said there was nothing. First I thought it was just the nightmare that scared me and so I decided to forget the whole thing. I went to school. In the afternoon I went with some friends to play football. Wewere at the middle of the game when I kicked the ball hard and passed the bars into the house next door. I went to pick the ball, the ball was in some bushes. I stretched my arm to reach it and when I was about to get it out I scratched my arm with a branch. It started bleeding. I got back and told my friends to wait for me because I had to heal this injury. I got inside my house and my motherasked:
* “What happened in your arm?!?”
* “I scratched it with a branch trying to reach the ball, it’s nothing really”
* “Okay honey, but it’s just that this morning you were talking about this injury that didn’t exist and now… well nothing, I’m sorry honey, go put something on that”
I left the room as confused as she was. I kept thinking about the same thing. It just wouldn’t go away. Iput some bandages on. I went down quickly so these thoughts wouldn’t stay in my mind. Later that night I went to bed and had another dream, this time this guy was still chasing me. I was in the woods once again. Somehow I appeared in my house, I heard voices downstairs in the basement. I went down pretending not being afraid. I saw a box just in the middle of the floor. It was sealed. I tried to...