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KFC new advert

New product:
Our advertising is about a new flavors of chicken wings in kfc’s restaurant . Our brand of chicken will match the uniqueness of different cultures like European,asian and Arabic. So we developed three distinct tastes of chicken:
* First, to adapt to the European culture, chicken wings will be aromatized with a cheese taste. Mountain cheeses like Roblochonand Raclette, which are French and Switzerland specialities, are used.
* Second, for the Arabic culture, we will use aromatic mixture of spicies form Marocco.
* Third, to finish, our asianchicken wings will be flavored with nuok-mam sauce, a very famous taste from Chinese food, which usually accompagnies Chinese food, and a sweet sour sauce.

Advertising campaign:
To develop our newproject, we created advertising which shows to consumers the new products of our company in a simple way. Our advertising demonstrates the four diferents kinds of chicken wings people can find inevery KFC. We’ll spread our advert into the United Kingdom and France, because we notice that these countries are places of expanding with people of different cultures and nationalities.

The target:The two main target of KFC’s advertising are 15-35 year old young adults and families who spend on average between 5.20 and 6.50 euros.
"The proposals more or less spicy, our new revenue sharingformulas, meal menus with salads or desserts, we can satisfy all tastes."

Location and more:

To make our target audience aware of this new range of tastes that can be satisfied at KFC, we willshow our advert in big cities all over United Kingdom (mainly in Great Britain) and France, where KFC’s restaurant are present. We will display our ads in the streets, on the bus shelters, and inunderground stations. We also want to put our ads in daily and weekly newspaper like OOPS, CLOSER, PUBLIC… to correspond to what kind of papers our target audience (15-35 years old) reads. we want to put...