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KFC : Marketing Mix

KFC is a quick service restaurant where customers can eat there or take it away. They provide food that can be prepared and served very quickly. Each menu is made of a large scale of products based on a main product: chicken, standard ingredients like potatoes and corn. A regular meal consists in a Hamburger or Chicken nuggets, some French fries, a soda and it canbe add a dessert.
KFC, such as McDonalds, has adapted its products regarding the country in which the restaurant was supposed to be opened. For example, KFC fast foods in the United States or in Europe are serving similar products such as: Chicken Hamburger or nuggets but also Bucklet and a large number of soda drinks and deserts like ice cream.
Hamburger / nuggets
Regular mealHamburger

In China they have adapted their product to the local consumers’ preference. They chose a strategy to cover all the moment of the day. For Breakfast they propose some specific Burger or a Chinese porridge. For the other meals, they also have created some specific products fitting with the Chinese culinary taste. Customers can eat some wraps, jelly milk tea, egg soup, shrimp burger orChicken cogee and some lunch set are available.
Shrimp Burger

Eggs soup
Jelly milk tea

The supply chain of KFC in China has evolved along the years. Firstly, it worked with the usual American suppliers. Then, they began to help local one by giving them technological support to improve theirproducts. Thus they reduce their dependence with suppliers.
Today KFC has more than 1000 restaurants in the country. Each 22 hour a new KFC is opening in China.
If 80% of the restaurant are franchising and have to respect a chart, KFC try to personalize each store regarding the region in which it will be implanted. The decoration is composed by symbolic signs like picture of the Great Wallor Chinese shadow. By modifying its decoration for each of its restaurant, KFC is trying to change its image: not to be seen as an American fast food but as a local one. In that way, KFC wants to provide high standards that guarantee service, quality and reliability to its customers. Usually, in marketing surveys, they are defined as “cleanliness”, “hospitality”, “accuracy” and “maintenance”.
In1987, KFC was the first quick restaurant chain to enter into China. Then, in 1992, it became the first to bring franchising to China. Now, KFC continue to be the number one fast food restaurant brand and the largest growing restaurant chain in China, with over than 3 000 restaurants in more than 650 cities.

They currently drive an aggressive international expansion and build strong brandeverywhere.
The strategy is to expand very quickly in either residential areas or popular touristic attraction. The great number of restaurant makes it accessible to customers. Indeed, KFC restaurant has reaches every Chinese province and region except Tibet. In 2005, they have spread their activity in more than 280 Chinese cities, compared to 20 in 2000. Beijing and Shanghai together have more than100 stores.

KFC chooses to focus they communication on the link between past, present and future. For instance, one of their advertising campaigns showed an opera actor eating a KFC Hamburger. Still in this campaign a father singing an opera song with his son dancing Hip Hop, both of them are meeting in front of a KFC meal. They use the image of Beijing opera symbolizing bothtradition and modernity.
Another communication campaign was focused on the concept of solidarity. The idea was to show bite of happiness such as a family reunion or a meeting between colleagues happening at a KFC fast Food. For example an advertisement was showing an employee who was assisted financially by the company to pursue his studies. It was illustrating the fact that thanks to KFC “dreams...
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