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Khalifabank, the fall of an empire

Khalifa bank was the first one private bank of algéria, chaired by abdelmoumen khalifa. He employed 20000 persons. But the Algerian banking committee decided toname a liquidator to the head of khalifa bank, for deficit in resources. And accused him to transfer illegally the money to a broad.

But who is abdelmoumen khalifa?

Adelmoumen rafik khalifa,in the time(period)

36 old years
Algerian business man

At least of ten years, this doctor in pharmacy knew how to develop a series of initiative which propelled his group in the first circleof the company of Algeria.

Firt , he opened the bank khalifa, with 700 000 customers.
Launch of the airline company khalifa airways
In September, 2002, he launched khalifa TV
1 month later, helaunched khalifa team jet
He was the sponsor for olympique Marseille, with 15 millions dollar for 2 years.
Official sponsor of the club of rugby of Bordeaux.

In summary an empire. He symbolized thesuccess of Algeria.

But with all this succés, the group khlifa caused a financial prejudice of 6.5 billion euro to the Algerian economy.

But who led to the bankruptcy of the bank khalifa?According to the media, the fall of khalifa bank is due in:

too fast expansion
Gigantic debts
Illegal transfer of bottom abroad
Financing of the other project from the the bank money
Too muchwasting.

For Example:

when khalifa launched his TV, He celebrated this evenement in cane; in a villa estimated at 30 million euro.
Canal + qualified it, the most Pharaonic party, the partythat jet 7 has never known for 10 years ago.

Moumen performed the accounts by attracting the funds with interest, included between 17 and 23 %.

A part of this money was used to the acquisition ofthe possessions, and the other was transferred abroad.

168000 persons were indemnified with a ceiling of 6000 euro, by the company of guarantee of the banking depot.

Now, Abdelmoumen khalifa...
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