La double inconstance

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Sherlock Holmes is character based on the Conan Doyle's books. He's a fictional detective famous thanks to his intelligence. In this movie, who is a reinterpretation of the main character
is heavily focuses on Holmes's anti-social personality traits. His eccentricity, his brilliant analytical mind and his amazing martial abilities making him this the most cynical person.
Hepratices a complex job as his personality. His favourite activity is making special experiences on Watson's dog. We also learn he likes thinking alone about the world. He doesn't realized he can be strange and hurtful.
Sherlock Holmes has just one friend so he is often alone in his house as in his life. He's in love of Irene Adler and between them ,there is a special relationship. We discover anotherSherlock Holmes when he's with her. Indeed he becomes nervous , unconfident and ill-at-ease.
The film revolves around him because he's the person who makes the investiagtion, finds the culprits and we want know him better.
His originality and cynism make him funny. We find him charming when he is with Irene. He makes girls dream ,thanks to his intelligence and his appearance, and boys identifyto him.

In 1891 London, Lord BlackWood is a dangerous wizard who practices black magic and has decided to kill young girls.
The film begins when Sherlock Holmes, a famous detective and his partner Watson arrest him because he's going to sacrifice another girl during a rite. Three months later the criminal is sentenced to death by hanging and requests to see Holmes in prison, where hewarns of three more impending deaths that will cause great changes to the world. Watson, who is a doctor, declares him dead.Three days later, Holmes is visited by Irene Adler , a professional thief , who asks him to find a missing man named Reordan. A short time later, Lord BlackWood's grave is discover open. He seems to be resuscitated. The most incredible fact is that Reordan is in the Lord'scoffin. Following a series of clues from the body, Holmes and Watson find Reordan's home and discover experiments attempting to merge science with magic. After they survive a battle with Blackwood's men, Holmes is taken to the Temple of the Four Orders, a secret magical organization. The leaders ask Holmes to stop Blackwood. The detective deduces that Sir Thomas, the president of the society, is LordBlackwood's father. When this president is killed, Sherlock Holmes deduces that it's the work of his son. This one will take the place of his father and will kill his partner. Thanks to Watson's help, Sherlock Holmes' merciless logic and the clues they discover, they succed to stop Lord Blackwood's plans wich was to kill the members of the House of Lords. The both firends realise that Lord'sdeath and black magic powers aren't what they thought. At the same time, unfortunately for S-H , Watson is going to be married and the love of his life came back... The story culminates with a confrontation on top of Tower Bridge, still under construction.

Sherlock Holmes' director is Guy Ritchie. He was born in Hatfield in 1968. Ritchie, who is dyslexic, that's can explain hisimagination. He always wanted to be a movie director. He realised his first film in 1998.Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a successfull movie and it's thanks to it that he meets his future ex-wife :Madonna. He directed Sherlock Holmes in 2009. He asks to Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr to play the most important characters.
Jude Law, is an English actor, film producer and director. In 2006, he wasone of the top ten most bankable movie stars in Hollywood. One year later , he received an Honorary César and he was named a Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government.
Robert Downey Jr is an american actor, producer, singer and songwriter. He was born in 1965 and played in about forty movies. He's also knew for his drug's problem and his prison's years.